Brush Natural Hair Soft Sneaker Doctor™


Sneaker Doctor™ Brush Natural Hair Soft



SIZE: 95mmx31mmx18mm

COLOR: Natural Timber and Natural Bristles



brush-natural-hair-soft-sneaker-doctor-fresh-kicks-laundry-sydney-australia-brush brush-natural-hair-soft-sneaker-doctor-fresh-kicks-laundry-sydney-australia




Sneaker Doctor™ Brush Natural Hair Soft is designed to be used for scrubbing all surfaces even delicate gauze materials on sneakers without damaging the material.




Sneaker Doctor™ Brush Natural Hair Soft is made from natural animal bristles (hog) so it is soft enough not to damage delicate surfaces yet strong enough to work the cleaning product deep into the grain and all the nooks and crannies to get out that grime from the sneakers or any surface you wish to scrub.



Rinse well after each use, do not accelerate drying with a hair dryer or heat gun as the hairs could burn.



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